Red Chowder

Red Chowder
One of the things that I enjoy most about working with the Google Agency, Instant 360, is the interesting places I am assigned to photograph. Early in May I received an email and a photo assignment appeared on my Google calendar.  I was assigned to do a Google virtual tour in Warwick RI at the Governor Francis Inn

When I arrived, I met with Craig who has been the owner of the Inn for over twenty years. Craig took me on a tour of the restaurant and kitchen; including the walk-in refrigerator. I never realized how much food preparation space is needed to support a large seafood restaurant. 

I wouldn’t describe the place as fancy. It is more of a comfortable, family style restaurant, with great seafood and chowder. A waitress I talked with explained that the restaurant caters to an older crowd, which keeps them very busy year-round.  What really caught my eye when I was on the kitchen tour, was a batch of “red chowder”. This is also known as Manhattan style clam chowder, which I really like. It is rarely found in New England. I only get to enjoy it once a year on my annual August visit to see the horses run, at Saratoga, NY Racecourse.

After I completed taking the Google 360 images of the dinning room and the bar,  Craig invited me to have lunch. I said yes and asked for a bowl of the red chowder. It is the best chowder I have ever tasted. Craig also offered me a shrimp cocktail; which was delicious. Before I could finish, I was asked if I would like to take some chowder home. I immediately agreed and said, "this is like gold to me.” I drove back home to Manchester, CT, a happy guy with a half-gallon of chowder and a bunch of oyster crackers. Some days you just get lucky!

A Day at the Connecticut Science Center

A Day at the Connecticut Science Center
In September of 2017 I was asked by Google Agency, Mass Interact , to photograph the Connecticut Science Center. The project called for still photography and 75 panoramic images. This turned out to be one of the biggest Google virtual tours I had ever done. I started in the lobby on a Monday, which is the one day that the museum is closed. The project turned out to be much more than I ever imagined. 

The museum is on four levels and includes a theater, a restaurant, a gift shop, 11 exhibit areas, and a rooftop garden. By about one in the afternoon, I had completed the 75 panoramas and had two more floors to go. Apparently, the Google agency had underestimated the size of the project. The Science Center marketing director was concerned that I may not be able to complete photographing all the floors. I told her that I had completed my contract. She told me the she had a contract too, that included all floors.

We decided to both call the photo agency and discuss the situation. Thankfully, my contract was extended;  and I kept photographing. When I was done after 4 PM, I loaded over 1400 images totaling 7.56 GB, that were edited into a 4-level tour, with more than 120 panoramas and 24 still images. You can access the virtual tour here: . You can change floors by using the "elevator buttons" on the right side of the Google virtual tour panel. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to handle this assignment, and I'm very pleased that this wonderful educational resource is in Hartford. The Connecticut Science Center Mission Statement is below:

The Connecticut Science Center is dedicated to inspiring lifelong learning through interactive and innovative experiences that explore our changing world through science.
We strive to create an engaging and sustainable science center that serves families and schools and has a significant impact on student and adult learning in Connecticut. We seek to develop the minds of future thinkers and inventors who will compete in the ever-expanding global marketplace for technology and innovation. And we endeavor to create a Connecticut workforce that meets the projected growth of jobs in science-related hands-on exhibits.

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