The Hanger

In 2021 I was contacted by a national commercial real estate company and asked if I would be interested in photographing a large aircraft hangar that previously was a service center for corporate jet aircraft, next to Bradley Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

My answer was yes, yes! I would love handling the assignment! This would be dream job for me and I would get to experiment with a new technique that I wanted to try; placing my DSLR camera on a 16-foot-high stand and triggering it with my cell phone for an elevated view. I also was quite intrigued by the opening and closing action of the hanger doors. I got the assignment. I tested my idea of an elevated view and I must admit I was nervous about having my camera up 16 feet in the air with just a sand bag holding my light stand down.

My test shot worked out great and I was ready to try my "elevated view" on the assignment.

When I arrived for the assignment I found out that I would need a temporary pass from the Bradley Airport Authority to walk on the runway. This would take several days, so I decided to split the assignment into two days. The first day I worked on photographing the interior of the hanger from several directions on ground level and and with my 16-foot elevated camera as well as the offices, mechanical rooms, meeting rooms and the pilot’s lounge.

A few days later I returned and took the exterior photos of the building from ground level and from an elevated level.

I also took a 360-degree image of the interior of the hanger. Then I set up two video cameras; one outside and one inside the hanger to capture live action of the giant doors opening and closing. You can view the video here: It was a nice clear day with a blue sky and low humidity. This project was a joy and I got to try a new way of getting high angle photos. Recently I drove by the building and I was pleased to see that a new company had moved in. Another perfect day.

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