Radcliff Wire
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I had the privilege last year of providing photography for Radcliff Wire Inc. of Bristol, CT. https://radcliffwire.com/.  These are the type of industrial photo assignments that I really enjoy.  Photographing in their manufacturing facility was quite interesting. Wire is heat treated, shaped and coated there.  Making industrial photos of wire manufacturing can be challenging.

Things got interesting when I was asked to photograph extreme close ups of wire samples for their website. The wire samples are not much thicker than a standard paper clip. I got out my old 55MM f 3.5 Micro-Nikkor lens and extension tubes, that I have from my film photography days. This lens stops down to f32 which helps extend the depth of focus.


What looks like giant steel girders are less than one quarter inch wide.

I have a special interest in anything that is manufactured with metal. A previous post from 2021 goes into more detail about my metal parts specialty: http://info.2cimages.com/blog/53/metal-parts

I don't know what will happen in 2023, but I hope to photograph more industrial manufacturing facilities, and more metal parts.

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